Thursday, July 7, 2011

Natsu Dakara PV Released!

As you know, I'm a wota XD So I watch this PV since it release on youtube, I watch it on my phone XD I was yelling and shouting while watching it XD XD XD So here it is, and my comments:

The PV: I love this PV, it shouldn't have more scene than this though, but it's so simple! The girls in first part only wear the dresses and dance... I can predicted that the jeans clothes will appear in the second part... The most interesting part was Airi's talk and Momo's high notes! Ganbatte Miya! And the PV also DONT HAVE A DANCE SHOT~ :(
Momo: She's not the main here, but her voice is the best here!
Miya: I don't like her voice here, hers was high but I don't understand why it can't pass the high notes...
Airiin: Although she was the main, but her voice is a bit weird here, it worked well at the high notes though.
Conclusion: The PV was normal, that goes for the song, can't say it better than the old ones, but I like this new Buono! Buono! needs changes like these! ^^ 8/10

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