Wednesday, July 20, 2011

あいちゃん の 1st ランキング モマーント (Ai-chan's 1st Ranking Moment)

Hi, Im Ai-chan, and I'll be your host for this show, Yay!!!
It's July already!? I didn't know that! It've passed half of 2011 so it's time for another rankingu~
First, I will rank the groups!

Naanbaa Wan! Berryz Koubou!
They're my currently fav because their songs are perfect! And they're all cute!

Next! Morning Musume.!
They were my fav back then but they are boring now because of their personality (except in Hello!Pro Time)

Third! C-ute~
They're all kawaii and sing well but the group is keep boring these day...I miss Erika...

Rasuto! S/Mileage!
I love them but they just not special as the others...

Now for the Members!!!

Ranking list

鈴木 愛理 
小川 紗季 
清水 佐紀 
高橋 愛  
矢島 舞美 
福田 花音 
須藤 茉麻 
夏焼 雅  
嗣永 桃子 
岡井 千聖 
中島 早貴 
譜久村 聖 
前田 憂佳 
新垣 里沙 
和田 彩花 
鈴木 香音 
萩原 舞  
光井 愛佳 
鞘師 里保 

Morning Musume:
  1. 1. Tanaka Reina: I got nothing to say about this, you all know that I love Rei-chan right? She's cute and funny, yankee style...
  2. 4. Michishige Sayumi: She moved down some because she got to be more funny, her cuteness is unbeatable though.
  3. 7. Takahashi Ai: She's going to graduate, so I watched a lot of video about her, she's such a pretty girl, at first, I find her boring but in the next minute, I think she's funny!
  4. 10. Ikuta Erina: She moved up this spot because she's the sweetest kyuukie ever! Her voice wasn't that bad... and she's cute too, but needs more energy.
  5. 18. Fukumura Mizuki: She's sweet, although I didn't find anything special about her yet, but she's kind and pretty.
  6. 20. Niigaki Risa: I didn't mean to put her here... At first, I put here down below, but I was wrong, I think she's funny so I was going to move her up to the top, but then, I look back I saw that she was annoying with her way to talk and act... Just like Eri before but I love Eri...
  7. 23. Suzuki Kanon: I didn't like her at first, and so is now, but I looked at some of her pictures and think she was cute and watched some videos, I think she was cute ans energetic, she's at my age and I can't be that energetic... (I was more energetic than her)
  8. 25. Mitsui Aika: I'm not trying to say Aika is really boring or something, I think she's cute but she needs to improve a lot of her voice and dance...
  9. 26. Sayashi Riho: Why does some of Morning Musume's members moved so low...? Because they're boring now... At the bottom? Really? She's an evil girl... After I looked at Raffi's post about her evilness, I thought again, I think she IS stealing Ai-chan's position... And she DOES look evil... Think again, I've never seen her laugh before...

Berryz Koubou:
  1. 2. Sugaya Risako: I love this girl!!! I want her to be my BESTEST FRIEND too (I want Rei-chan to be my sister XD) Her voice is awesome! It's the best behind Rei-chan and Ai-chan (and also Airiin)... Oh I just LOVE her!
  2. 6. Shimizu Saki: Oh Captain... Capt is really pretty, even my friend in the class said so when they saw her (they're not JPop Fans), she and Chii are the funniest ones in Berryz!!!
  3. 11. Sudou Maasa: I love this girl, her voice is great! People said she got no personality but I think she's perfect to be a class president for a Fun Captain of Berryz!
  4. 12. Tokunaga Chinami: Chii and Maasa are always paired! Because they're both funny and they're good friends! At first time, I don't like Chii the most, but she grows love on me <3 I think she's the funny one through her puns and jokes!
  5. 13. Natsuyaki Miyabi: I never put her higher than this... I mean she's very cute and her voice (when she was young) is great! But she's not funny now and I love her black hair more...
  6. 14.Tsugunaga Momoko: Woah... She used to be the last, I love her in Buono! and now a little in Berryz... I think she's pretty, not cute and her voice was really good,  just behind Rii!
  7. 16. Kumai Yurina: She's not really the last of H!P but she's not special... but I DO think she's pretty and her voice was the BEST in Aa, yo ga Akeru!

  • 3. Suzuki Airi: I love her voice and her kappa form XD She's weird sometimes but I just love this girl~
  • 8. Yajima Maimi: I like 2 main vocals in C-ute the most? XD Keke, I love her funny-ness! Although I don't like her voice, I still like her because she's kind and tall~
  • 15. Okai Chisato: She's funny (why am I keep talking about funny...?) and her voice (about the voices too...?) is very very good!!! She's really cute (about cuteness too!?) when she was young too~ (and the "~" too!)
  • 17. Nakajima Saki: She's a pretty girl, I don't like her voice but she was mature and pretty so I put her at this place~
  • 24. Hagiwara Mai: She's really know how to stay where she is right? XD XD XD She's still bored me but I think positive about her now...

  1. 5. Ogawa Saki: I love her voice and her laugh (I wanted to laugh like her XD), she's still young and playful so she's really fit me XD
  2. 9. Fukuda Kanon: Although I don't like "the voice", but I still think she's cute and energetic!
  3. 19. Wada Ayaka: I like her cuteness and her voice but she's not funny or something special than Saki and Kanon, that's all...
  4. 21. Maeda Yuuka: I'm starting to like her now so I moved her up a bit, she's super cute in Uchouten LOVE, but I don't like her voice as much as Saki. And yes... You can call me jealous... I put her here because she was too promoted (than Sakitty)...
Mano Erina
  • 22. Mano Erina: I'm starting to find out about her lately, she was awesome in My Days For You. And my "investigation" was a failure because I still don't know about her personality XD

  • All members of Berryz Koubou moved up
  • The first number is their rank in the group (Mano doesn't have it), the second is their rank in all of H!P
  • I made the text Italic so it looked like I was on the radio with my show XD
  • I don't dislike any member of Berryz Koubou and S/mileage
  • The ones stay at their one rank since my demo one: Tanaka Reina (1st) - Ogawa Saki (5th) - Suzuki Kanon (23th) - Hagiwara Mai (24th)
  • Red - Morning Musume _ Yellow - Berryz Koubou _ Blue (or purple, idk @_@) - C-ute _ Pink - S/mileage _ Green - Mano Erina

Thank you all for taking part in my show, Yay~ If you want to rank, too, go to this site and choose the picture of the one you like more~ Hai,

I hope you'll have a good time at my next ranking moment, BYE~


  1. I love your New Blog Look Aiko!!!! It looks really nice! And Nice ranking :)

  2. Thanks senpai XD I love Rii XD

  3. C-ute boring ?!! WHAT ?!!

    NEVER !!!

    Chissa has the most beautiful eyes, is a great dancer and has, by far, the most engaging personality of all the females in Japan. The fact that she can sing too is an added bonus......

    But C-ute boring ? I think you need your eyes testing !! LOL ! XDD

  4. You miss Erika from C-ute...the tall one with the face like a rabbit ? Give her big floppy ears and she'd look like Bugs Bunny !!! LOL...


    Each to their own, I suppose...but I'll choose Chisato every time !!

  5. ^

    Everyone has their opinion, if you don't like my ranking, then don't comment :) You're wasting your time because THAT'S my opinion, you can't do anything about it, and if you keep saying that I was wrong, GET LOST!

    Btw, if you're really a C-ute fan, then you shouldn't said that about Erika :)

  6. Ah long time i don´t comment here ^^...

    I love ranking´s posts xD mine has become a C-utie show lol (all C-ute members are top 5´s too late for me xDD)

  7. ^

    Mine is a Berryz Show XD XD XD