Monday, December 26, 2011

[COLOR-CODED] We were in love - T-ara and Davichi lyrics

Hi, long time no see, since nobody has been doing the color-coding for this, so I'll do it, I love color-coding ^^

HaeRi | SoYeon | HyoMin | MinKyung | HwaYoung | JiYeon

uri saranghaetjanha jebal nal ullijima
ojik naegen neo hanappunya
nuneul gamado boyeo gwireul magado deullyeo
(SoYeon + HaeRi) jebal nal tteonagajima

eoduwotdeon nae sarme bichi doeeojun saram
neomuna sojunghan saram
haru jinago tto jinado deo geuriwojyeo
i norael haneun jigeumdo

uri saranghaetjanha jebal nal ullijima
ojik naegen neo hanappunya
nuneul gamado boyeo gwireul magado deullyeo
(SoYeon + HaeRi)
jebal nal tteonagajima

doraolgeot gataseo dasi olji mollaseo
oneuldo neoreul gidaryeo
neoneun moreuji neon moreuji apahaneun nal
i norael haneun jigeumdo

uri saranghaetjanha jebal nal ullijima
ojik naegen neo hanappunya
nuneul gamado boyeo gwireul magado deullyeo

(SoYeon + HaeRi) jebal nal tteonagajima

sesanggwa neo duljunge taekharamyeon hana
nae jeonbul ppaeasado neoramyeon nan joha
najina bamina sarange nan mongmareun ja
neol ijen itja ireon naui gatjanheun dajimi tto dasi nareul ullyeo deullyeo
neoege baraneungeon ojik neoya
neo eobsin amugeotdo halsu eomneun naya
i norael deureumyeon jebal neo dorawa dorawa

saranghamyeon halsurok jeomjeom yawieoman ga
ojik naegen neo hanappunya
uri saranghaetjanha jebal nal ullijima

(HyoMin + HaeRi) nal dugo tteonagajima

Yeah uh uh gyeolguk neon doraseo naneun tto magaseo
jajonsim da beorigo michincheok neol ttaraseo
gaseumi doeryeo nareul dageuchigo malhaesseo
sesange hanappunin neol irchineun mallaesseo
naneun tto utneuncheok geunyang meoljjeonghancheok
neoege bureuneun majimak naui i norae

jebal nal tteonagajima

Thanks ^^

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mobekimasu Sort No.2~

Hi! Sorry for not posting for a looooong time. I saw Chris-san doing this today so I want to do it too ^^

So this is my second ranking

1位  菅谷梨沙子 
2位  田中れいな 
3位  鈴木 愛理 
4位  道重さゆみ 
5位  矢島 舞美 
6位  清水 佐紀 
7位  須藤 茉麻 
8位  田村 芽実 
9位  佐藤 優樹 
10位  福田 花音 
11位  和田 彩花 
12位  生田衣梨奈 
13位  工藤 遥  
14位  新垣 里沙 
15位  岡井 千聖 
16位  中西 香菜 
17位  夏焼 雅  
18位  徳永千奈美 
19位  中島 早貴 
20位  前田 憂佳 
21位  嗣永 桃子 
22位  熊井友理奈 
23位  飯窪 春菜 
24位  譜久村 聖 
25位  光井 愛佳 
26位  鈴木 香音 
27位  鞘師 里保 
28位  萩原 舞  
29位  勝田 里奈 
30位  真野恵里菜 
31位  石田亜佑美 
32位  竹内 朱莉 

1. Risako
2. Reina
3. Airi
4. Sayumi
5. Maimi
6. Saki
7. Maasa
8. Meimi
9. Sato
10. Kanon
11. Ayaka
12. Erina
13. Haruka
14. Risa
15. Chisato
16. Kana
17. Miyabi
18. Chinami
19. Saki
20. Yuuka
21. Momoko
22. Yurina
23. Haruna
24. Mizuki
25. Aika
26. Kanon
27. Riho
28. Mai
29. Rina
30. Erina
31. Ayumi
32. Akari

Red is MM, Blue is Berryz, Pink is C-ute, Yellow is S/Mileage

Yeah it's true, I don't like Akari :D

So my current biasses are Risako, Reina, Airi, and Meimi and the worsts are Ayumi, Yurina (I still love her because I'm a big Berryz fan), Mai, and Akari! Yeah!!!

Thanks if you comment!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 22nd Birthday Tanaka Reina!!!!!

(Sorry I couldn't find any better picture :( Can someone please tell me?)

Yaaaaaaaa~ ReiRei! She's my second fav in H!P!!! (Last month she was first...) Yay! 11.11.11! Hope she'll have a truly happy time at 11:11PM XD (Cause it passed the morning :( Sorry I'm late! I have schools)

Anyway Happy Birthday Reina-chan!!! (My friends told me that you're pretty XD)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Big Update!

Hi, I have school lately so I can't blog for a while ^^ Thank you for still supporting me ^^

Eto, so I changed the theme and the Banner! Cool~? I photoshop-ed it myself ^^ Eto and there's my autograph, I use it in real life :D

So bye~

Friday, August 26, 2011

My comeback with new ranking XD XD XD

Kekeke... It's me, Ai-chan, I used to dumb my own Blog but now I've came back XD XD XD

So this is my new ranking, this is currently temporary so I'm going to make it fast XD

1. Berryz Koubou
2. Morning Musume
3. C-ute
4. S/mileage


Sugaya Risako 
Tanaka Reina
Suzuki Airi
Ogawa Saki
Michishige Sayumi
Shimizu Saki
Takahashi Ai
Yajima Maimi
Ikuta Erina
Okai Chisato
Fukuda Kanon
Sudou Maasa
Niigaki Risa
Nakajima Saki
Tokunaga Chinami
Natsuyaki Miyabi
Wada Ayaka
Kumai Yurina
Maeda Yuuka
Tsugunaga Momoko
Mitsui Aika
Suzuki Kanon
Fukumura Mizuki
Hagiwara Mai
Sayashi Riho
Mano Erina 

1. Rii: This is obviously my current fav XD BUT... Actually Rii's rank is more than Reina just a liiiiiiitle bit XD
13. Gaki: Aa~ She has been moved up a lot~ I like her because she love kids (Gen 9 XD)
18 & 20. Yuri and Momo: Yuri and Momo's rank is not really low, I just love the other more than them a little XD XD XD (Sorry I'm a Berryz Fan XD)
22. Zukki: I'm starting to like her now XD XD XD
25. Riho: Yay she moved "up" XD
26. I don't like her and I don't know a lot about her so...

Overall, this ranking is just temporary so I didn't talk much, more rankings in October, but now... Study time XD Bye~

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aa, yo ga Akeru Full PV~! and also...

Woah~ I was shouting at 2AM when I saw this~~~~~!!!

I'm also making a project of subbing this, I've done subbing but I'll wait for the encoded video then ^^

Yesterday was Tiffany from SNSD's Birthday~ I was Happy Birthday her on Facebook already ^^ Ky senpai... XD

About the solo lines, Momo, Miya, and Rii got the Main Position, they all got 8 except Rii, she got 7... She should have 1 more... Yuri got 5 and others got 2... Momo got 8 because she has 2 "wa" and Miya has her Fu fu fu line XD

I like all scene but I like Miya's the most, because the set was nightime so it looked romantic and dreamy~ And I also don't like Momo's, it was bright and too "daytime"... I'll give this song an 8/10 ^^ the PV didn't satisfied me XD

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

あいちゃん の 1st ランキング モマーント (Ai-chan's 1st Ranking Moment)

Hi, Im Ai-chan, and I'll be your host for this show, Yay!!!
It's July already!? I didn't know that! It've passed half of 2011 so it's time for another rankingu~
First, I will rank the groups!

Naanbaa Wan! Berryz Koubou!
They're my currently fav because their songs are perfect! And they're all cute!

Next! Morning Musume.!
They were my fav back then but they are boring now because of their personality (except in Hello!Pro Time)

Third! C-ute~
They're all kawaii and sing well but the group is keep boring these day...I miss Erika...

Rasuto! S/Mileage!
I love them but they just not special as the others...

Now for the Members!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Uchouten LOVE MV Release!!! with lyrics...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shouted, I screamed, I crazi-ed, I... (calmed down...)...

S/Mileage Uchouten Love MV is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the video with my comments:

The MV wasn't great as the song!!! But it still cooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't understand why they give
only Yuuka as the main vocal :(( Why is Saki be the Lead vocal? :(( (I don't care about the other two, though...)

  • Ayaka: Her voice is cute as usual here
  • Yuuka: I love it when she sang the before-chorus part!!! KAWAIII~ And her voice was boyish at the nai part :x
  • Kanon: Kanon voice wasn't change, it was her old voice XD
  • Saki: The best... of... S/mileage... I mean her voice was the best here... After not being the main in Koi ni Booing Buu!!!, she still not the main...
  • Conclusion: I think the MV wasn't really awesome but the song make up to it ^^ 9/10!!!
OMG I love this MV, and I wrote this lyrics myself ^^ I hope it's not wrong or something... (I'm only sure 80%)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Natsu Dakara PV Released!

As you know, I'm a wota XD So I watch this PV since it release on youtube, I watch it on my phone XD I was yelling and shouting while watching it XD XD XD So here it is, and my comments:

The PV: I love this PV, it shouldn't have more scene than this though, but it's so simple! The girls in first part only wear the dresses and dance... I can predicted that the jeans clothes will appear in the second part... The most interesting part was Airi's talk and Momo's high notes! Ganbatte Miya! And the PV also DONT HAVE A DANCE SHOT~ :(
Momo: She's not the main here, but her voice is the best here!
Miya: I don't like her voice here, hers was high but I don't understand why it can't pass the high notes...
Airiin: Although she was the main, but her voice is a bit weird here, it worked well at the high notes though.
Conclusion: The PV was normal, that goes for the song, can't say it better than the old ones, but I like this new Buono! Buono! needs changes like these! ^^ 8/10

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday Seo Ju-hyun!!!

Seo!!! Saranghae yo!!! She has always be my fav in SNSD~ She's quiet, but cute, her voice is the best of the best!!!

So Happy Birthday! Hope you'll have a good time!!!~

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ai no Dangan Close up and Dance shot ^^

There you are XD Waiting long for this XD
Lyrics coming soon >.<

Friday, June 10, 2011

C-ute's Live concert on Youtube and other new...

Guess what!

C-ute is going to have a Live Concert on Youtube, you can all watch it from UTube without going there XD

In other new...

Read this post from SayuNii ^^

Member voting for the H!P 2011 summer concert continues with a new set of categories.

I’m very surprised that they released more categories for the member voting. I pretty much thought that the categories released last time was good enough but I’m glad they added even more categories since the themes last time was very interesting.

This one follows the same format as last time, a keyword is given and you  must vote for a member who fits that category with a reason as to why you voted her. A translation hasn’t been released yet so I’m not sure what the categories are yet but I will update once the translations are done.

If any of you want to go ahead and vote using the translation from Google (which is not very accurate) I would suggest using the same methods as last time. Which is using Wikipedia or J-ongaku for the member’s name and then using Yahoo Babel Fish to write a reason. The previous post regarding the voting has more details on how to vote so please see here if your interested.

Other than that I’m very excited to see the results of the member voting and I can’t wait for the concert to start!
The voting for this phase will end on 6/22.

H!P Member voting

So please vote if you know Japanese ^^ I'm really looking forward to this Concert, will they have LOVE MACHINE? XD

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Go to this site and copy any picture link or upload from your computer XD It will become like this XD

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vocalchange - Series 1: AT vs MT - Part 1: Fighting!

So Tsunku is boring and he decided to divide Berryz and C-ute into 2 Sub-Group: AT and MT. AT stands for Hello!Project Kids AkaTeam (RedTeam) while MT stands for Hello!Project Kids MomoTeam (PinkTeam). AkaTeam has Maimi as Leader. The other members are Chii, Maasa, Miya, Yuri-chan, and Chissa as the youngest one. The Main vocalists are Maimi and Miya, the Lead vocalists are Yuri-chan and Chissa, the other two are Sub vocalists. MomoTeam has Captain as Leader (XD). The others are Momo, Nakky, Rissa, Airiin and MaiMai. The Main are Rissa and Airiin, the Lead are Momo and Nakky, the others are Sub vocalists.

SNSD Shimshimtapa Jan 13th 2008 Lyrics - Tae - Sica - Sun - Fany - Seo



Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ranking Berryz Koubou Singles~

Hi, just here to rank XD It's been a while since I ranked XD Arkward XD Now, for there singles, and I only rank the A-side XD

Click the link for my comments and the ranking list (just to prove XD)

SNSD All songs from their 1st Japanese Album!!!

I'm too lazy to post here so... XD

Go to this Youtube Account ^^

The others are pretty normal except for Hoot and Born to be a Lady

All of the songs except for Born to be a Lady have a strong tones, such as Bad Girl or You-aholic or maybe Let it rain

I like Hoot in the Japanese Ver. because it have a lot of the "Hoot" words in there XD Also, the lyrics meaning changed a bit from the Korean Ver.

Born to be a Lady was like ballad... It's smooth and very touched :)

So that's all, No. 1, 2, 4, 9 didn't have in there because it was Genie, Gee, Mr. Taxi and RDR ^^

And this evening, I'll share a surprise XD

S/Mileage will have some new members~ and also their 6th Major Single (and a good new XD)

This is the old new from yesterday XD

I think they'll be fine if having new members but I hope there'll be only 1 or 2 :-S

S/Mileage is starting to look like Morning Musume XD I mean... 2nd Generation Member? XD I wish *C-ute will have more XD

Yuuka's and Ayaka's reaction was hilarious XD And Tsunku is not serious as usual, he diid smile XD XD XD 

And there new single is named Uchouten LOVE, which is translated as "Ecstatic Love"... WOW... Sounds Major...

And the good news is... "Vocalchange" is back!!! XD

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Wow that's fast XD The Preview just out yesterday XD

And appearantly ReiAi main then RiRi lead XD XD XD Poor others Kyuukies :( And SayuKa only have 2 lines :( Btw, Sayu's background "Ah" was se~xy XD XD XD

Btw, love Risa's hair :x :x :x Love Reina's too but she just keep that hair often... :(

I love the crystal scenes!!! It was so SHINY~

And now I know why Ai-chan dyes her hair :"> It looks so shiny here!!! And fit the scenes!

Zukki looks so handsome XD

And this song is great, but it just so hard if anyone cover it :-S

The dance isn't special, but the other scenes and Close-up is awesome!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ONLY YOU PV Preview and Ai no Dangan Full PV

Well, for the comments... I think Only You PV is brighter than I've imagined... The Dance wasn't special... or that just I couldn't see all XD

For Ai no Dangan, I first thought this was a YuriMiya lead O.O But it actually the Main Vocalist Lead XD The outfit... urgh... I just hate it... even though, the PV was creative and red-ish (I just love Red you know XD) There were Close Ups at the screen behind them too XD

Btw, love Captain and Momo high notes :x Captain voice was better here :x :x :x :x :x :x

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yaguchi Mari is going to be married!!!!!!, Furusato Mix and SNSD 1st Album TEASER!!!


Mariin is going to get married!!! ^o^ She's one of my fav!!! ^^

Wow, they're a good couple... I mean... like... he's so handsome... XD

Congrats Mariin!!! Please be happy together ^O^!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

*C-ute's 16th Single Momoiro Sparkling PV

This PV is the best, but the pink make me dizzy 0.0

Edit: OMG!!! Maimi and Chissa lead? O.O Airi Minor O.O This is maybe the first Major Single ever that Airiin was a Sub Vocalist ==" I wonder what's next...

Edit2: Number of Solo lines:
Maimi: 7
Airi: 5 (OMG)
Nakky: 5 (What the...)
Maimai: 5?!
Chissa: 8 (...)

Guess this is a Chissa Lead and Maimi Sub...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mr.Taxi PV!!!

OMG~ I was web-surfing and look what I've found 0_0

OMG! The Dance Shot was great, this is greater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG...
Anyway, check the lyrics HERE ^^

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day by Day Lyrics (Two Ver.)~

This is the lyrics of the Older Ver. ^^

TaeYeon | Jessica | Sunny | Tiffany | SeoHyun

nuneul ddeumyeon dalkomhan haessal
shinggeureoun fruit-hyang geureugo
mokaradde gadeukdama jakeun teraseu-e anja
gwireul gwi-ulimyeon

deuryeo-oneun sweet-han melody
geudae misol dalmeun geos gata
nado molrae seumyeodeuneun
nae haru-ui seolreimdeuleul neuggyeobojyo

haruharu dareun beokchan ggumdeule jjeuchgimyeo
irijeori manyang heundeulrideus salagado

sarangeun seonyuleul tago nalawa
mabeobcheoreom nareul iggeulgeos gata

oh~ day by day, day by day neul baradeon
sarangeuro chaeweonoheulge
keurimcheoreom pogeunhage naemaeumeul gamssajweoyo
hangsang joheun ilman saenggakhaeyo

nunmulroman jisaen bamedo
jongil usneun geureom naledo
ik sukhaejin pyojeongeuro nal bangyeojugiman haessdeon
nalkeun nae bai olrin

gaggeumsshikeun ijgido hago
ddaeron shilheo miweohaessjiman
ijeneun nohchil su eobsneun
nae sojunghan geuri-umdeuleul hamggehaeyo

haruharu dareun beokchan ggumdeule jjeuchgimyeo
irijeori manyang heundeulrideus salagado

sarangeun seonyuleul tago nalawa
mabeobcheoreom nareul iggeulgeos gata

oh~ day by day, day by day neul baradeon
sarangeuro chaeweonoheulge
keurimcheoreom pogeunhage naemaeumeul gamssajweoyo
hangsang joheun ilman saenggakhaeyo

day by day, day by day neul baradeon
ggumgyeolgateun sarangeuro chaeweonoheulge
keurimcheoreom pogeunhage naemaeumeul gamssajweoyo
hangsang joheun ilman saenggakhaeyo

Mobekimasu Sort No.1~

This is my temporary ranking, that's because I didn't know much about Gen 9 XD But I like Mizuki for sure ^o^ So here, I edited myself in Microsoft Word ^o^ It took me a long time =="

Tanaka Reina
Suzuki Airi
Michishige Sayumi
Sugaya Risako
Ogawa Saki
Okai Chisato
Shimizu Saki
Fukuda Kanon
Yajima Maimi
Takahashi Ai
Fukumura Mizuki
Mano Erina
Ikuta Erina
Nakajima Saki
Sudou Maasa
Tokunaga Chinami
Wada Ayaka
Natsuyaki Miyabi
Sayashi Riho
Mitsui Aika
Niigaki Risa
Kumai Yurina
Suzuki Kanon
Hagiwara Mai
Maeda Yuuka
Tsugunaga Momoko

Red: Morning Musume - Yellow: Berryz Koubou - Blue: *C-ute - Rose: S/Mileage - Tan: Mano Erina