Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aa, yo ga Akeru Full PV~! and also...

Woah~ I was shouting at 2AM when I saw this~~~~~!!!

I'm also making a project of subbing this, I've done subbing but I'll wait for the encoded video then ^^

Yesterday was Tiffany from SNSD's Birthday~ I was Happy Birthday her on Facebook already ^^ Ky senpai... XD

About the solo lines, Momo, Miya, and Rii got the Main Position, they all got 8 except Rii, she got 7... She should have 1 more... Yuri got 5 and others got 2... Momo got 8 because she has 2 "wa" and Miya has her Fu fu fu line XD

I like all scene but I like Miya's the most, because the set was nightime so it looked romantic and dreamy~ And I also don't like Momo's, it was bright and too "daytime"... I'll give this song an 8/10 ^^ the PV didn't satisfied me XD

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  1. Thanks for breaking down the lines for me XD