Tuesday, April 26, 2011


First, I wanted to say, this is my "comeback" ^^ It's been a while since I didn't use my blog ^^ I have a lot of schoolwork to do and also I don't know what to write ^^ Now, I'm officially back with a new blog name, AishiteruSoNyuhShiDae or for Japanese, it can be AishiteruShoujoJidai XD. Some of you might knew that I'm a Sone, a big crazy Sone XD I'm now not Aiko anymore, I changed my nickname into Ai Shiteru, Ai or Ai-chan for short ^o^ I'm also a very big H!P Fan, I really mean it, I remembered all of their Birthday and Hometown >:) So today, I re-opened my Blog and I'll try to post more things than b4 ^^ Thank you for who've supported me b4 and for now :D~ It's Ai-chan's happiness ^^~


  1. I just added your blog in my blogroll but as "Aiko´s blog" (because you commented with that name xD)......it´s ok? or i should change it to "Ai Shiteru´s blog"? ^^

  2. No that's OK XD But I think AiShiteru's Blog is better XD

    Btw, I'm Aiko from b4 ^^

    And thanks ;) Are you a Sone, too? :D