Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mobekimasu Sort No.1~

This is my temporary ranking, that's because I didn't know much about Gen 9 XD But I like Mizuki for sure ^o^ So here, I edited myself in Microsoft Word ^o^ It took me a long time =="

Tanaka Reina
Suzuki Airi
Michishige Sayumi
Sugaya Risako
Ogawa Saki
Okai Chisato
Shimizu Saki
Fukuda Kanon
Yajima Maimi
Takahashi Ai
Fukumura Mizuki
Mano Erina
Ikuta Erina
Nakajima Saki
Sudou Maasa
Tokunaga Chinami
Wada Ayaka
Natsuyaki Miyabi
Sayashi Riho
Mitsui Aika
Niigaki Risa
Kumai Yurina
Suzuki Kanon
Hagiwara Mai
Maeda Yuuka
Tsugunaga Momoko

Red: Morning Musume - Yellow: Berryz Koubou - Blue: *C-ute - Rose: S/Mileage - Tan: Mano Erina

  • ReiRei: We don't need to talk about this any more XD She's my Fav since I knew MM ^o^ She cute, pretty, is a good vocalist ^^ She's sometime funny and I love her Yankii side XD
  • Airiin: I love her from the start, since I know H!P ^^ But Rei just beat her XD She's pretty, sings well, she's funny and cute with Kappa ^^ She's talented like Rei at the audition too :)
  • Sayu: WOW~ Kawaii~ I don't know why people hate her a lot, she sings OK, but my opinion is that she just sing not well as the other Gen 6th members, she is great at techno sounds ^^ She's good at faking voices too XD I just love her evil side XD She's still cute!!!
  • Rissa: She's a cute girl, she don's talk much but I can see the elegance inside her ^^ I like her because she has a wonderful voice of all members in H!P Kids ^^
  • Sakitty: Ahh~ Cute girl Cute voice ^^ She's funny and her face can be funny too ^^ I think she's a strong girl because she didn't cry much, in fact I've never seen her crying b4 0_0
  • Chissa: She dances well! She's the funniest in C-ute and has a good voice ^^
  • Captain: This is a good leader! She both dances and sings good~ I like her personality, she likes to joke like Maimi and not being so serious as Ai-chan :(
  • Kanyon: She's cute, that's it, I didn't hate her after she challenges SNSD too ^^
  • Maimi: She's the funniest leader! She sang good and has a strong, low and high voice...
  • Ai-chan: Speaking of Ai-chan... Here she is ^^ She's very very cute when she's little (16-19), she's funny, I used to like her more than this but now, she's too serious with her members :(
  • Mizuki: I like her when she was in Shugo Chara Eggs ^o^ Her voice is sweet and young~
  • Erina: I don't even know why did I put she here 0_0 She was too cute so I chose her many times 0_0
  • Eripon: Two Erina next to each others? XD I like her because she's pretty and I think her voice will be better if she trained more ^^ I know Tsunku was right ^^
  • Nakky: She's cute although she has a squeaky voice~
  • Maasa: She's like the leader of a Super Sentai Berryz XD She dresses like a leader sometimes XD I think she's hilarious XD
  • Chii: I used to hate her a LOT~ But since I watch her Yorosen, I think she's a kind girl ^^
  • Ayaka: She's cute and tall~ I like her more than Yuuka of course ==" This girl is cute! Although I didn't know anything 'bout her...
  • Miya: Sweet voice...
  • Riho: I love her since she auditioned to MM~ She's brave and has a strong voice, even it can't reach high XD
  • Aika: I think she's cute but I don't like her voice
  • Gakki: OMG, she used to be my No.3! Because when she's young, she was very funny and won all of the Gameshow (Well, mostly), although I didn't like her voice from the start, now, her charms are gone, and I used to thought she's older than Ai-chan 0_0
  • Yuri: I don't like her voice... (But I do like her height XD)
  • Zukki: Not-so-genki-girl-in-my-opinion...
  • Maimai: Baby voice! Cute! Baby face! No!
  • Yuukacchi: I don't like her at all, I don't know why but she keeps repels me...
  • Momo: I like her from Buono! but in Berryz, urghhh... 

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