Saturday, May 7, 2011

*C-ute's 16th Single Momoiro Sparkling PV

This PV is the best, but the pink make me dizzy 0.0

Edit: OMG!!! Maimi and Chissa lead? O.O Airi Minor O.O This is maybe the first Major Single ever that Airiin was a Sub Vocalist ==" I wonder what's next...

Edit2: Number of Solo lines:
Maimi: 7
Airi: 5 (OMG)
Nakky: 5 (What the...)
Maimai: 5?!
Chissa: 8 (...)

Guess this is a Chissa Lead and Maimi Sub...


  1. There isn´t an obvious main (that means it´s the most even lines distribution until now xD)......maybe Chissa stands out a bit more.

    But japanese wikipedia says CHissa is main (she got a high part) xD