Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Wow that's fast XD The Preview just out yesterday XD

And appearantly ReiAi main then RiRi lead XD XD XD Poor others Kyuukies :( And SayuKa only have 2 lines :( Btw, Sayu's background "Ah" was se~xy XD XD XD

Btw, love Risa's hair :x :x :x Love Reina's too but she just keep that hair often... :(

I love the crystal scenes!!! It was so SHINY~

And now I know why Ai-chan dyes her hair :"> It looks so shiny here!!! And fit the scenes!

Zukki looks so handsome XD

And this song is great, but it just so hard if anyone cover it :-S

The dance isn't special, but the other scenes and Close-up is awesome!!!

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