Tuesday, May 31, 2011

S/Mileage will have some new members~ and also their 6th Major Single (and a good new XD)

This is the old new from yesterday XD

I think they'll be fine if having new members but I hope there'll be only 1 or 2 :-S

S/Mileage is starting to look like Morning Musume XD I mean... 2nd Generation Member? XD I wish *C-ute will have more XD

Yuuka's and Ayaka's reaction was hilarious XD And Tsunku is not serious as usual, he diid smile XD XD XD 

And there new single is named Uchouten LOVE, which is translated as "Ecstatic Love"... WOW... Sounds Major...

And the good news is... "Vocalchange" is back!!! XD

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